Dr. Chapman, I appreciate your ongoing commitment to health and your knowledge about a wide variety of ways to help your clients achieve it. As part of this, you recently made available a Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna at your office. I’ve used it a couple of times and can’t say enough about it. It’s super easy to use. It’s not hard to breathe in like traditional saunas. I always sleep well that night and feel cleaned out afterward. I hope everyone will try it at least once.
Elizabeth M.

“I have suffered from back pain for over 30 years. Just this last spring I injured my back again. This time it didn’t go away. After 8 miserable months, I decided to have surgery. I heard about Dr. Chapman and the low back decompression treatment on the radio. I had nothing to lose. Halfway through the treatment, I was feeling so much better I called and canceled my surgery. It’s been 8½ years since my treatment. I can say that I am doing better than I have in years. Thank you very much!
Shirley D.

“Approximately 8 years ago I had two low back surgeries. I talked with my surgeon and he said my pain was due to “excess scar tissue.” He recommended that I have surgery to remove it. Before the surgery, I heard about Dr. Chapman and the decompression treatment. I decided to try it. I had 20 treatments and I am feeling much better. The pain is not totally gone but it improved so much that I canceled my surgery. I am so grateful. I recommend this treatment to anyone.
Mike W.