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Chiropractic care has gained considerable credibility in the medical world. Countless people have benefited from the gentle and healing treatments for back and neck pain. ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic located in Missoula, MT provides our clients with the most advanced treatments methods available in the Chiropractic World. Our 32 years of experience in the field diagnosing, treating and assisting patients achieve their health and wellness goals has earned us a sterling reputation in the community. We hope to carry on the tradition of positively impacting people’s lives for years to come.

Our chiropractic services include: health, wellness and nutritional consultation, orthopedic, neurological, digital x-ray and chiropractic examination. Para-spinal thermal scans, para-spinal surface electro-myograms, and Heart-rate Variability exams to evaluate the Autonomic nervous system. Gentle manual and instrument assisted adjustment procedures using the Pro-Adjuster, Arthrostim, Percusser and activator. Advanced spinal decompression treatments for herniated and degenerated disc conditions in the neck and lower back. Frequency Specific Micro-current energy treatment, whole body vibration with T-Zone machines, and Far- infrared or Low Level Light Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy. When you schedule a consultation, we discuss your health goals and develop a program that will you achieve them. We help you get the results you want to live a happy and pain-free life. The plans are comprehensive and not only address your care in the clinic but also address all aspects of your life, including your daily routine, diet and exercise. We want to empower you as our client to begin to take responsibility for your own health and welfare and rely less on us.

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At ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic, we offer a variety of services to care for your body.

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